Having rode   Haveing rode in Terreanians for years; a few friends from different floats came

up  with the idea of building a new float to add to the fleet so they could ride

together. They wanted to build a float that would stick out as the "FINEST"

float you ever seen! Both new and existing members wanted on the new float

once the word got around. The float was built between the 2006-2007 ride by

the hard work of the riders only (none of the work was contracted out). The

T.N.T. float was christened for the 2007 ride by float captain Harris Allemand

and all the riders. This was the beginning of a new era. The float consists of

members of various ages and generations. As a family oriented group of guys,

there are a couple father-son combos. Here is a list of riders:

Float Captain - Pel Price

Assistant Float Captain - Harris Allemand


Jerome "Jee Man" Bourg         Darrin Bourg                        Brooks Luke                  

Mike "Cuz" Prosprie               John "Little Cuz" Prosprie    Kentley Fairchild

Robbie Owens                        Jamie Owens                          Mickey Adams Sr.              

Steve "ED" Pitre                   Ray Pitre                                 Drake "DOG" Falgout

Marty Price                            Wayne Trochesst                    Mark Richards

Terry Richards                        Bobbie Rogers                        Martin Majewski

Brad "Bird" Clouatre    


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