LOWB Krewe
While watching the Krewe of Terreanaians roll during the 2006 parade, Jason Bergeron, Ron Trahan, David Landry, and Chris Bernard decided they would like to ride.  They approached the Krewe and upon finding there was no room to add them to a float, they were told if they brought in 15 members, they could start a new one.  20 members later, they had a float.  They assisted in the fabrication of the Braud Krewe float and took over their old float as their own.  LOWB you ask?  It stands for the Loyal Order of the Water Buffalo.  It stands for a bunch of guys that like to get together and have a good time.  Remember though:
Float Captain

            Jason Bergeron

Assistant Float Captains

            Ron Trahan                     Kade Hebert

Rest of the Krewe

            David Landry                   Rusty Horsby                  Sam Griffin

            Mark LaPlume                 Lee John Lapayrouse      Ken Crossland

            Kirk Dantin                      Walt Applewhite             Jared Hernandez

            Jason Scott                      Doug Modrynski             Thomas Wallace

            Donnie Landry                 Kurt Till                           Jeff Gonzales
            Tillman Luke                    Brandyn LeBeouf            Ryan Boudreaux
            Buddy Baudoin                Eric Pellegrin
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