Having friends from other Krewe's wanting to all get together and start our own float. Jamie decided to jump ship from the guys he's been riding with for 6 years and start something new. After rounding everyone up and getting the float approved by the Board of Directors, All Jacked Up was formed. With a good group of younger guys we hope to have a great time year round. We are looking to bring a new light to the Krewe of Terreanians for many years to come.


Float Captain:   Jamie Owens

Asst. Float Captains:  Mark Domangue - David Ohlmeyer


Matt Benoit                                      Darryl Hebert                       Kevin Giles

Herb Smith                                       Jack Leblanc                         Chad Parr

Chris Staszak                                    Mike Coakley II                    Jason Pitre

Eric Landry                                       Steven Parker                       Robert Hoff

Alex Stevens                                     Bryan Benoit                         James Miles III

Blake Hebert                                                Kenneth Smith    
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